What You Find in the White Space

When we first moved here, I fought hard the impulse to fill up our calendars with soccer and swimming and everything in between--times two. All in due time, but in this first of Ohio seasons, I knew we'd need margin, that the only way to avoid the frenzy was to protect the white space on the weekly planner.

Because white space makes way for color. And quiet makes time for life.

Slowly, we're adding to the schedule, signing up for a few of our favorite activities. I admit to feeling flustered, to second guessing my slow-it-down strategy whenever I learn about fun and enriching activities we are "missing out on". And it doesn't help when we drive by a soccer field and both kids shout, I wanna play! I tell them they'll get their chance, that we have plenty of time.

No matter what activities we add, I'm determined not to let go of our down time.
Because without the margin, we would miss out. We would miss out on impromptu walks in the woods. On telling little sisters scary stories, and then holding her hand so she wouldn't be scared.
On taking blair-witch-project-esque pictures with Mommy's camera.
On discovering a new playground.
On "just being" together.

I didn't know it was going to be this hard to protect the down time. But it's been worth it, totally worth it.

Because white space makes way for color.
And quiet makes time for life (loud and large).

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