Finding Grace in my Purple Plastic Purse

Do you know the story about Lily and Mr. Slinger? Lily is a little mouse who gets into big trouble when she disrupts circle time because she simply can't wait to show off her new purple plastic purse. Her teacher Mr. Slinger, who had been Lily's hero up until this moment, takes away her purple plastic purse with her two jingly quarters, informing Lily she can claim them at the end of class. Lily is furious with Mr. Slinger and draws a mean and ugly picture to tell him so. But her anger turns to remorse when at the end of the day, he returns her purple plastic purse and her two jingly quarters along with a special cheesy snack and a note.

Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.

You're going to think I'm crazy, but sometimes I hear God speak like Mr. Slinger, clear as day I hear him say, Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.

And of course it isn't because I brought a purple plastic purse to school and made a ruckus during circle time, like Lily did. I've never been one to break the rules or rouse the rabble. No, I'm more like the self-righteous mouse that judges the people of Walmart, like surely God must love me more since I don't scream at my children (in public) or smoke a pack a day or categorize jalapeno poppers as a vegetable.

Or I'm like the self-centered mouse that thinks all the squeakin' day long about me, me, me and also me.

Or I'm the whiny mouse, the one who sweats the small stuff and stinks to high heaven of entitlement and ungratefulness.

Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.

When I hear that, I hear capital G Grace.
I hear no condemnation.
I hear hope.
I hear something so much better, and so much farther beyond me, me, me and also me.

The more I see my depravity for what it is, how significantly short I fall in the righteousness category, the more I see what's so amazing about God's grace.

When He speaks grace, it is enough to forget about the big mess I've made with my version of the purple plastic purse that plays a jaunty tune, enough to forget about me altogether.

Enough, enough, always enough.
I don't deserve the special cheesy snack or a note that forgives me before I even ask.
But He gives it to me anyway.

Today was a difficult day. Tomorrow will be better.

That's grace.

Shared with Emily of Chatting with the Sky in 31 Days of Grace.

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