How many days 'till we go back?

Six months ago, when Caed found out Nana and Papa had booked a summer reunion at our favorite lodge, he said, "Oh man, it's like a dream come true! Better than Disneyland! Better than anything!" 
And with four months left to go, he began a countdown. Every morning on the way to school he'd ask, "How many days to the lodge?" And slowly my answer slid from 122 days to next week. On day T minus 30, he created a book about the lodge with pages listing the names of the cousins attending, a countdown for crossing out, and lyrics to a new song he and Dani would sing once we were on our way.

We sang it on Tuesday. He put me in charge of the echo. Here we go, rocking and rolling, to the lodge (to the lodge)...


As we drove away yesterday, I asked him if it was everything he'd hoped it would be.

"Yes," he smiled. "Do you think there's a lodge like that in heaven?"

"I do." I returned his grin in the rearview mirror. "Except without the mosquitoes." 

"Good." He settled back into his booster. "I was hoping that."
"Oh, and Mom? How many days 'till we go back there?"

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