The Lodge

Today we paddled and splashed and jumped,
found turtles and tadpoles,
caught fish and whiffle balls.

We ran into lakes, out of bug spray and time,
served peach pie and volleyballs,
turned a hammock into a swing,
a moment into a memory.

Fifteen--14 and under--that's the latest math.
And we set the tables for 25.
Yes, I said tables as in plural.
So you shouldn't judge me for using paper plates
when it's my turn to cook dinner.
Okay? Okay.

Tomorrow we will
catch more fish
and buy more bug spray
and swim and paddle and jump
and be a family ( a big one).
And there's even talk of s'mores
and flashlights and
a dance party.

And even if I forget (again) to take pictures,
we will remember
the feel of the carved wood table we crowded around,
the sound of the tree frogs at sunset,
the squeeze of the go-to hiding spot,
and these looks, these unforgettable looks on our faces.

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