You know you're in Maine when...

you know you're in Maine when....

you see more Subarus than every other car combined,
the sun rises long before Al Roker has to leave for work,
you find a dozen lobster roll stands for every one hot dog stand.

you know you're in Maine when...
your kids can't stop smiling
and neither can you.
even when it rains (and pours), 
yep, still smiling, just
seeking shelter near the Big Boot
or watching the white caps from the window,
the endless entertainment of a stormy sea.

you know you're in Maine when...
the shore doubles as a jungle gym,
 and an impromptu portrait setting,
 and a peacemaker.
(what is it about the Atlantic--
be it crashing against sand or rock-- 
that silences the bickering?)
I have no idea how that magic trick works,
only that it does,
and that I believe in taking full advantage
of the magic.

Friends, from Maine or from away, want to play along? Fill in the blank in the comments....
You know you're in Maine when....
(you've been away from home nearly two weeks and barely notice)

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