It's the Cocoa Talking

Caed and I had a little conversation over hot cocoa last week, and he had some cute things to say.

It’s a tad hard to understand everything he is saying in this clip, but it just struck me so funny as he gabbed on and on while sipping cocoa.

A few notable quotes: When asked what he was going to do when he was grown-up, he said “Listen to kid’s words”. I think he was referring back to how at school and at home we use the phrase “listen to my words” (usually said by the one in charge). Not sure what he means by this....perhaps that when he is grown-up, he will give power to the people and let the kids have the last say?

He also told me that he could not share his hot cocoa because of germs on his cup. And that he wanted to be a doctor, like daddy, not work on the ‘puter, like mommy. Be forewarned that the clip above is ridiculously long (i.e. even the grandparents might get bored).

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