Make it Stop! Make it Stop!

This is in direct response to the previous post. The weather outside is indeed frightful....but inside it’s not entirely delightful. (Read: two very wiggly, energetic kiddos, and one mom with a raging cabin fever).

And since we DO have places to go, let’s NOT let it snow, let it snow!

When preschool is cancelled, it means I can’t “work on the ‘puter”, or see the dentist, or get my haircut, all of which were scheduled to occur today. So I take yet another day off from work and bemoan the fact that I must live another day with frumpy bangs and split ends.

Now, we have been told by friends, neighbors and strangers in the grocery store that this winter is by far the worst they’ve seen in many years. We had the second snowiest December on record, and Jan/Feb are looking to follow suit. The old time Maine-iacs are hearkening back to the “early 80s” to recall a winter that was quite this stormy.

And if this is as bad as it gets, I suppose it really isn’t THAT bad (comparison being made to Cleveland or Rochester where the sun disappears for half the year). We still get our fair share of sunshine. It just seems to storm on the days that I have a lot planned.....whether it be conference calls, doctors appointments, haircuts, or as was the case today, all of the above.

So I want to go on record. Enough is enough. We live way up north. We get it. It’s gonna be “wintery” for a while. But for the love of all that’s sunny...someone PLEASE make it stop!!!

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