This About Sums It Up

Never before have my kids been so simultaneously exhausted. Our 10-day excursion to the DC area to see our old friends and neighbors, and to squeeze in some meetings for my work, concluded with a drive home for the record books. The kids slept half of the drive, and I glanced with jealousy in the rear view mirror, wishing I could join ‘em in their slumber.

The week began with a visit in our former neighborhood. We stayed in the home of two of our gracious (and brave) neighbors while they were away. I attribute bravery to these kind souls simply because they have no children, and yet they opened their home to ours. Their house was impeccably clean and perfectly decorated with lots of breakable valuables. Glass trinkets. Pretty vases. Artwork that literally hung at Sheridan’s eye level.

We slept comfortably, and then during “waking hours”, we imposed on our neighbors with kids. They let us in to play at all hours, and it was just like old times. We enjoyed every minute we had in our old neighborhood--so much so that I found myself wishing we could move back. (Thoughts of which were quickly extinguished after my Tuesday a.m. commute).

Highlights of our trip include a playdate with “friends from mommy’s old work”, a playdate at Kendra’s house, and a trip to the Air & Space museum with Max. My camera eluded me for most of the trip, so I don’t have much in the way of pictures. But though there is no proof of all the fun and mayhem, I assure you it was most decidedly an exciting (and exhausting) trip.

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