Look-it the Legos!

“LOOKIT!! LOOK what I BUILD!!! TAADAAA!” Caed said as the great lego master unveiled his work. And surprisingly enough, it survived the evil swipes of Sheridan just long enough to complete the photo shoot.

Yes, indeed. Caed loves to build things, be it with legos, train tracks, blocks or random tupperware. Will he be an architect? A structural engineer perhaps? I may be biased, but I think this lego tower rivals the architectural genious of the famous Art Vandalay (the fake architect alias of George Costanza).

Anyway, this is what you do in the winter when you live in Maine. Build stuff, take a picture, knock it down. Repeat. Hold onto your legos, folks, because it doesn’t get more exciting than this! (At least not in February).

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