The Beach at its Best

Today was a true blue Maine summer day. Beautiful sunshine, fresh ocean breeze, and enough surf to go around for the crowds that flocked to Pine Point beach this morning. We set a record for how long we could last without “melting down”. Two hours and change. Not bad at all.

Sheridan learned a couple valuable lessons today as well. The first was that she didn’t like the taste of salt water. The second was that she didn’t like getting knocked over by the surf. It was nice that she learned this early on, as it cut down on the amount of chasing after her that I had to do. She was content to run and play in the sand, and leave the wave taunting to her big brother.

Caed took on a few waves nose to nose. At one point, he laid down on his belly in the surf, directly facing the ongoing waves. I watched with a bit of apprehension, not knowing whether he would be quick enough to hop up and out of the way--or whether I would have to go into the water to retrieve him. Luckily, he concluded that playing chicken with the waves was not a game he would win, and he decided to stand back up. Quickly, I might add.

Note that the picture above resulted from applying the iphoto effect of “antique”. For some reason, I like the nostalgic, golden and grainy look. It reminds me of that “time stands still” feeling you get when you’re playing at the beach. I also took several more pictures for those who want more documentation of our play date with the sky, surf and sand.

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