Chili con Carnival

This morning on our way to school, Caed was rehearsing all the things he wanted to tell his classmates about his weekend. As he recounted, day by day, all the “pun t’ings” we did over the weekend, it occurred to me why I am so tired today! We literally went non-stop, squeezing family fun into every minute of our long weekend.

On Saturday, we spent the afternoon and early evening at the Bath Heritage Days celebration with some friends from Dad’s work. The fun began with carnival rides and concluded with a Chili-Chowder Festival, and dancing to familiar folk tunes in the park. I’ve captured a few pictures below. My favorite is the one of Caed and Dr. Josie gearing up to go down the slide.
Not sure who is having more fun!

Sunday was more a bit more laid back, but still loads of fun. We went to a little pool party and BBQ at our friends house, and again, had a blast. Sheridan surprised us a bit with her reluctance to go in the water. Finally a sign of healthy fear in Dani the Daredevil! And Caed surprised me with his enthusiasm for swimming by himself (with the aid of a floaty and paddle bar of course), and with his willingness to jump in and practice going under water.
Not the least bit surprising was how much I enjoyed kicking back with a glass of sangria with my girlfriends, while the Dads were on duty in the pool. Did I mention how much I love it when Larry is on an elective month??

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