One Week in Maine

This website began about a year ago with the inaugural post The best of Maine...with 4 under 4.

Well, this year, when the Riggs came to visit, they brought a new baby brother along, and we set a rowdy record with a house full of 5 kids, 4 and under. We packed what felt like an entire summer’s worth of fun into one week, and lucky for me, Kendra has already blogged about it.

Her account is quite thorough, although I did notice that she accidentally omitted any reference to the heavy drinking we did every night after the kids went to bed. :-) Ok, ok, so it wasn’t every night, and we did limit ourselves. We had only drinks that start with “M”, in honor of the visit with Mainely Myles--Mojitos, Mudslides and Margaritas (all in Moderation).

I also find that being with Kendra inspires me to take more pictures. She does an amazing job of documenting memories with a great many photos. So I tried to keep up with the prolific photo-shooting, and now have lots of pictures to prove how much fun we had.

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