May I have your attention please?

The following takes place between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.:

Dad: C’mon Dani. Eat a green bean first, then you can have more fish sticks.

Dani: Nuooo Nooo. Ewwweeeee (unhappy sounds)

Caed: Hey Daddy. Excuse me, Daddy. Daddy??

Dad: Dani, you have to eat a bean first. No more until you eat a bean. Stop crying. Do you want to go to your bed? Ok, then stop crying.

Caed: Daddy, excuse me, Daddy. Hey Daddy!

Dani: Noo bee, mo’ milky!

Dad: One bean. Just one bean, Dani. Good girl!! See that wasn’t so bad. Don’t spit it out. No, you have to chew it and swallow it. No spitting, Dani. EAT THE BEAN.

Caed: Daddy....Daddy..... Hey Larry!

Dad: (laughing) What did you say Caed?

Caed: I said ‘excuse me Daddy’.

Epilogue - Dani finally ate the bean, remembered she did in fact like beans, and gobbled up the rest on her plate. And by the time Caed finally got Daddy’s attention, he had forgotten what it was he wanted to say.

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