Have you ever been so tired that...

You pumiced your face? So it’s been a rough week, and I’m a bit tired. Nothing close to the “I have a 7 week old who screams by night, and a 2 yr old who screams by day” kind-of tired. But worn out, nonetheless.

So today, during the kids’ naps and quiet time, I seized the opportunity to go for a quick run and take a long shower. I probably should have reversed the time priorities (long run, quick shower), but I was tired, remember. So anyway, in my sleepy stupor, I reached for the face wash.....and picked up the foot wash. The only bright side here is that it was designed “for her”, so it smelled minty. Not like feet. Which is what I envision the Dr. Scholl’s “for him” would probably smell like.

Anyway, judging from the picture above, you can see how I would mix up my exfoliants, can you not??

Now this is where I ask for some crowd participation. Humor me please. What’s the silliest or craziest or scariest or funniest thing you’ve ever done in the name of sleep deprivation?

Since I "back-blogged" this one, you don't have the benefit of the other sleep-deprivation stories shared. Here's the abridged list of some fatigue-induced folly:
1) slamming the car into inanimate objects in the garage, on two separate occasions.
2) waking up in the middle of the night and asking the wife, "how many organizations do you want me to try?" before getting up to calm/change the screaming baby
3) forgetting to brush teeth (not funny, as much as it is just gross)
4) freshening up with Clorox disinfectant wipes
5) mistaking the lotion for conditioner, and vice versa
6) tasting bad milk, and instead of pouring it out, taking a pen and writing "bad milk" on the container, then returning it to the fridge (so the unsuspecting wife could pour it on her cereal the next morning).

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