A Splashing Success

My friends, I present to you the Spray Ground, a staple of summer time fun in northern VA. Caed and Dani are probably under the impression that we endured an eleven hour journey to the DC area for this and this alone. On this particular outing, we were joined by some of our wonderful Virginia-based friends and family, including Max, Wesley & Silas, Lena, and cousin Gus.

The picture above depicts the two Myles kiddos assuming “the position”, which basically entails channeling their inner aquatic dare-devil, feet flirting with the squirting source, and noses dangerously dangling over the line of fire.

Dani took breaks from water play every now and then to give her water-logged nostrils a break, and to ensure I got wet too by implementing the toddler equivalent of “shaking” (and by shaking, I am referring to how dogs feel compelled to throw water from their backs only when a dry human is within close proximity).

In Dani’s case, this meant hanging on my legs and threatening to fling her head back on the pavement if I didn’t pick her up while sopping wet. She only did this because I had opted not to wear a bathing suit. Had I come prepared, she would not have even gone in the water. This is not a hypothesis. This is a fact, tested rigorously in accordance with scientific method. She NEVER gets wet when I wear a bathing suit, but you can bet your bikini that she will dive into the nearest body of water if I am the slightest bit unprepared to get soaked.

But if I sound bitter about getting wet, keep in mind that the GORGEOUS sunshine dried me out quite nicely and quickly, thank you very much. So nope, not complaining. Not one bit! Our excursion to the spray ground was a splashing success, and that too is a scientific fact!

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