What do time and my kids have in common?

They both refuse to stand still.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting our friends and former neighbors the McClarys, as they made their way from Alexandria, VA to their vacation spot a few hours up the coast from us. (That’s right, folks, there is indeed US territory further north of us, more than four hours worth of it. Who knew?)

The kiddos above (left to right: Ian, Caed, Kyra & Sheridan--a veritable Irish clan) are evidence of how time marches on (my face) at lightning speed, transforming these twins from toddlers into near-teenagers, in what seemed like months, not years. I am reminded of video footage I have from just four years ago, when Larry and I brought baby Caed home from the hospital to Bayliss Drive. As Ian and Kyra clamored to see the new baby, Ian ran over to his mom shouting, “Look how small he is!! I can’t believe it! Was I ever that little??”

And as every parent can, we rewind instantly through thousands of moments to the exact one in which we held our very tiny baby in our arms for the first time. And we answer, “Yes, yes, you were once that little.” And the only thing we find hard to believe is that so much time has passed since that beautiful moment.

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