This is what I see...

About a dozen times a day, sometimes more, never less.

Barreling her way toward age two, Sheridan has perfected the tantrum cliche, turning the fuss on and off with the stomp of her foot. She is quite insistent that all official meltdowns must occur on the floor, and thus, she has also perfected the art of slowly leaning back until her head touches the floor, making way for the real kicking, writhing and flailing. This technique has improved dramatically with practice, as just weeks ago, she was still flailing backwards with too much speed and bumping her head on the floor, adding legitimacy to the screaming that was already underway. Indeed, she has made great strides.

What is interesting about all this drama is that it only took seconds for her to morph from utter distress into a coy little poser. Yes, that is a smile you see in this next picture.

As soon as the kids noticed a camera was in play, they quickly scooted into position and began hamming it up. Sheridan is particularly adept at the appearance of innocence, sugar and spice and all that is nice. “Spice”, that I can see. “All that is nice”, hmmm, not so much.

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