"25 Random Things" is out of control, People! Try this instead...

I have already gone on record that I will refuse to do the 25 Random Things exercise on Facebook until it is no longer the trend, because that's how I roll: unfashionably late.  

However, my friend Kendra, (the one who introduced me to blogging and Google reader, an action for which I don't know whether to love her or to hate her), added a fun little twist, and I've succumbed only because it is ALL about the babies.  Her youngest, Asher, tagged Dani in a recent post, and now Dani must share 25 things about herself.  This is perfect given the fact that the primary purpose of this blog is to help me remember stuff about my kids when I am old and grey, or maybe just four months from now.  

So here goes:
1) My first name is Sheridan, but you can call me Dani.
2) Sheridan is an  Irish surname that means "wild".
3) My parents tried to counteract my namesake by adding my middle name, Alayne, which means "beauty."
4) It didn't work.
5) I am still wild.
6) My mom was going to link the word "wild" (mentioned above) to a post where I demonstrate my wildness, but there were so many, she couldn't decide.  She said just to read the rest of the blog and you'll get a pretty good idea.
7) How's this for random--my teeth have come in totally out of sequence.  When I turned a year old, I only had four teeth.  Now I have all my teeth except my two lower incisors.
8) My mom just googled "names of teeth" so she could figure out what to call my missing teeth.
9) The dentist says the incisor teeth are there, and that there is no cause for concern, but adds that I am a freak of nature.  Or maybe my mom added that part.
10) Right now, my absolute favorite thing to do is to point my finger at my brother and shout, "NO, NO, NO Caed!"
11) Mom tells him to ignore me, but he totally can't do it, and I find that empowering, so I keep doing it.
12) My Dad admitted that maybe my tendency to be an antagonist came from him, but he has not acknowledged any responsibility for my defiance.
13) I heard him telling my mom that was her fault.
14) Either way, being antagonistic and defiant is a winning combination for a two year old.
15) I would eat cheese all the live-long-day if allowed.  
16) I only eat vegetables and fruit if they are on the ground and my mom tells me they are yucky.  
17) Case in point, I had my first and last strawberry when we went strawberry picking this summer.  I sampled about a dozen dirty strawberries, but wouldn't touch them once we got home. 
18) I did the same thing with blueberries and apples.  
19) I love to dance and sing, but I don't have the coordination yet to do them at the same time.
20) I have a toilet seat that has Sesame Street characters on it.  When I want to try going potty, I tell my mom that I "want to sit on Elmo."
21) I haven't successfully peed on the potty yet, but I sure like to ask about it whenever it is completely inconvenient for my mom.
22) One time, when I was sitting on the potty, mom asked me if I was going to go "tinkle", and I broke out into song...."Tinkle Tinkle witta stah, bubba bubba, buh you ARE...wike a dimon in da sky...TINKLE TINKLE"  You get the idea. 
23) It was so cute that mom laughed, even though I had asked to use the potty at the most inopportune time.
24) I love my brother and all of his toys so much that I only want to play with my own toys when he is playing with them.  
25) Even though I didn't sleep through the night until I was well into my seventh month, and even though I have gotten into multiple forms of mischief numerous times in my short life, and even though I am antagonistic and defiant, my family completely adores me, and cherishes every little moment of my wild child life.

So to everyone on my blogroll and beyond, do you wanna play too?  If so, consider yourselves tagged.  If you don't want to participate, no worries.  Good karma is not at stake here.  I will not hunt you down and twist your arm until you write a sappy post about your youngest child.  All I ask is that if you decide to join in, leave me a comment with a link to your post!  

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