Smiling in the face of February

I don't like February all that much. (Shocker, I know). The whole month smells like wet dog if you ask me. But alas, it is ALMOST over. And so the least I can do is share a few sweet and smiling moments that sprung up in the (mercifully) shortest month of the year.

And step together, back step, step together, left and....Wait, this isn't ice dancing.
Really, it's hockey. Without the gear.

Smiling in the Face of February

After skating, we came home for some hot cocoa. Caed, in a moment of substitution silliness, asked for "hot cah-cah". I was not mature enough to stifle the giggles as I reminded him of the importance of clear and proper annunciation. And because I attached an unintended smile to this behavior, his little sister immediately chimed in with a hot cah-cah chant of her own.

I believe this serves as a classic example of being careful what you wish (or chant) for. Good thing that what they lack in classy, they make up for in cute. Unfortunately for me, I have no such formula to address the classy deficit.

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