Can I get a glass of water and an Amen?

They say prayer changes things. And apparently Caed's a believer. He's all about prayer changing things--namely, his bed time.

Prayer has become the new stall tactic, right up there with a quick drink of water, another trip to the bathroom, another story, and good night hugs for all living beings (Dog, Sister, Daddy, Mommy) as well as the stuffed variety (Bear, Dog, Moose, collectively referred to as "the brothers").

Tonight after he finished his prayer, Caed blurted, "Now you pray a really, really, REALLY long one, okay Mommy? Way, way, way longer than I did!"

Either he is really pious, or he has figured out that this is a surefire way to stay up just a little bit later. After all, Mommy isn't going to say "No way, kid. I said no more prayer! Now go to sleep!"

To add to the back story, just minutes before this lengthy prayer request, Caed burst into tears over being told "no" to a second glass of water. 

"Get it together, bud," I admonished.  "You need to stop crying and make a good choice to obey."

"But I can't do it....I can't stop crying," he sobbed in melodramatic, four year old staccato.

"Yes, you can.  And if you're having trouble, you can just pray and ask God to help you have self-control." I replied in my most matter of fact mothering voice.

He pleaded back, with an premature glimmer of a grin flashing across his tear-streaked face.  "Then I need YOU to do the prayin' for me, Mom.  Cuz I am too shy!"

Oh my dear little guy.  You know I'll do the really, really, really long prayers for you any time.  

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