Flashback Friday: With My Son

I fumbled through the diaper bag doubling as a purse, knowing it had to be in there somewhere. We'd just come straight from the doctor's office. It's not like there had been time to lose the prescription, not even for a harried, sleep-deprived wreck like me.

Oh, there it was. Crumbled underneath the pampers and extra socks. Yeah, I shook my head to no one in particular. Like having an extra pair of socks is even slightly necessary. It's not like he wears them anyway. That boy kicks a pair of socks off in 10 seconds flat.

Thinking about baby socks made me smile. Thinking about filling a prescription for my infant did not. When I arrived at the counter, I felt an urge to explain to the tech why I looked like hell, why I was carrying around 15 pounds more than usual, why I looked 20 weeks pregnant. And oh, I wanted to say, we're struggling with nursing. And I don't want to give up, but I do want to give up. And I'm so very exhausted.

But all that came out is, "Can I wait while you fill this?"

And then it was her turn to ask me questions. Things like...

"Have you been here before?"
"No? Well, do you have an insurance card?"
"What is your birth date?"
"Who is the prescription for?"

And that's when it happened. It rolled off my tongue, and I heard it for the very first time.

"It's for my son." I said.

My son.
I have a son?
I'm a Mom?
He's mine? My son?

Yes. Yes I do.
I have a son.
And he's mine.

I am a Mom.

I paid, shoved the medicine into the dark corners of the diaper bag, and turned toward the automatic doors.

They opened. And I started for home. With my son.


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