I Can Sea Clearly Now (the rain is gone).

I just looked down, and out of the corner of my eye, spotted a palm-sized tarantula perching next to the keyboard. It is official. My son has entered the stage of Playing Jokes On Mom That Aren't Funny. You know that awkward boy stage--between five and six--when they are still cute, a little bit clueless, and 100% silly? I think that's where we are.

Strategically placing fake spiders isn't the only thing he does to scare me. Yesterday we went bouldering along the Atlantic as a family, and he insisted on jumping, leaping and climbing to the point of causing his poor mother's heart to palpitate. Every time he did a big jump, he'd turn around and say, "Hey Mom! Did that one scare you?" Oh no, Hon, not at all. You just keep right on almost plummeting to your death, and I'll stand here with a smile on face, mkay?

So, would you like to see some more pictures? I confess I've entertained a bit of camera envy lately. My BFF just purchased the mother of all Nikons, giving me just one more reason upon dozens to wish we lived closer. But for now, I hobble along with my outdated Powershot, grateful that I can at least burn these images into memory with the clarity, focus and color that no camera (especially mine!) can match.

So to set the stage, this was Larry's first weekend day off in quite a while. And it was sunny and nearly 70 degrees. In Maine. In March. A total eclipse of the sun is more likely to happen. So this was a special day indeed. Here's how we spent it.

Marveling at the tidal pools.

Posing for Mommy.
Holding hands with Daddy.
Playing chicken with the tide.
Taking a shoe's eye view.

Smiling. Lots and lots of it.What were the bright spots in your weekend?

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