Put down the pebble. Pick up the rock.

I must have told her a dozen times. Put down the rock. Pick up a pebble. It will be so much easier! (And safer. Less risk of accidentally stoning a friend.)

But she persisted in her hunt for progressively bigger rocks, for the progressively grander splash.

She gets an idea in her head, and she simply won't give up. Sometimes we call it being stubborn. Sometimes we call it being persevering. In every case, we call it being just like Daddy.

These two, my little girl and her father, are cut from the same strong cloth. They see obstacles as opportunity, and they challenge me to do the same. To take risks, to pick up something I previously dismissed as too heavy for me, to make a big splash.

I sit typing by the light of the screen in this early Tuesday hour, nary a brave bone in my body, all of them weary.

But I see my little girl's determined face. And I hear my husband's wise words. And together they inspire me.

To put down the pebble. To pick up a rock.


My daughter and her daddy are wired so differently than me. And it's such a gift--one that daily stretches me into a taller version of myself (uncomfortable as that may be at times). I'm sharing this gift with the Tuesdays Unwrapped community hosted by Emily of Chatting at the Sky.

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