I Feel Gritty, Oh So Gritty

“I feel gritty, and pretty and soaked! And I pity any girl who isn’t me today!!!” Ok, so I just butchered a West Side story classic. But it was all in the name of good sandy fun.

Today marked the first day back at the beach after a very long winter. It was about 60 degrees by 9:00 a.m., so not quite toasty enough to take a dip in the 40 degree water. But it was just right for playing in the sand and chasing the surf.

So now that we’re back on the beach circuit, I realize I am a bit rusty on the post-beach clean-up drill. I may have spent more time de-sanding the kids, changing their clothes, loading up the car, gathering up the toys....than we actually spent playing on the beach. I also realized that I was missing that “chill-lax” mindset that must preside over every beach excursion with two kids. I think I need to do some meditative chanting. Something to the effect of, “Ohmmmmm. Sand is our friend. Ohhmmmm. Getting wet and dirty is okay. Ohmmmmm. Enjoy these moments and quit obsessing about the sand that is inevitably caked in every crevice of Dani’s chubby little legs. Ohhmmmm”.

Anyway, it was a lovely morning at the beach. And there will hopefully be many more to come this summer!

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