On a Road Paved with Books?

Earlier this week, Caed had “quiet time” in lieu of taking a nap. I encouraged him to read books or do puzzles quietly in his room. He was quiet, I’ll give him that. But he decided that the books and puzzles could be put to better use as part of massive road construction (which went from his pillow fort around his bed and out into the hallway). He was having so much fun lining up his books to create a road that he didn’t want “quiet time” to be over. Which was perfectly fine with me!

“Sure, stay in your room as LONG as you like!” The fun didn’t end until every book had made it from the bookcase to the floor, and every square inch of carpet was covered in his picture book road. He was pleased as punch with his creation, and I was glad to see (but not hear) him spending his quiet time so constructively!

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