I've got the power

The power to make my kids’ day or to break their precious hearts.
The power to mold them, or to scar them.
To calm their fears, or to give them reason to be afraid.
To inspire them to dream, or to dash their hopes.
To teach them well, or to stifle their learning.
The power to build and model good character or to confuse them with my hypocrisy.
I’ve got the power, and it terrifies me.

Caed asks so many questions, ranging from “where are the dinosaurs now?” to “what happens when people die?” He hears every word I say, and picks up on the exact tone in which I say it.

And I generally hear my words echoed in his little voice as he yells at the dog to “get outa here and stop your begging!” or as he admonishes me-- “You need to stop arguing with me right now!”

When I have a bad day (and a bad attitude), like I did yesterday, it doesn’t escape their watchful eyes. When I get bent out of shape about the little stuff, they see it. And then later, when I attempt to get Caed to “let it go” when his legos get knocked over, my parental hypocrisy is fully revealed!

I so love these little ones, and am painfully aware of the impact my words, attitudes and actions can have on their impressionable little hearts. And I pray that by God’s grace, far more good than harm will come from this incredible power that has been entrusted to me!

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