The No-Cavity Club

Lately, whenever I “lose” Dani in the house, I have to look no further than the bathroom. She is either standing in the corner next to the toilet, unrolling the toilet paper or she is up on the stool brushing her teeth (all four of them). I obviously prefer she focus on the latter activity.

Tonight after dinner, but before bath, she kept running up to her stool to brush her teeth. Caed helped her get the water turned on, and they entertained each other for nearly five minutes, just long enough for me to actually find the camera and get a snapshot of their antics.

I’m glad they like brushing their teeth. It’s one less power struggle, and so far, so good. They both went to the dentist this week for Caed’s second appointment and Dani’s first, and were given a clean bill of dental health. No cavities!

In Dani’s case, avoiding cavities is not that difficult, considering she still has only four teeth. She does have some molars poking through, and the dentist assured me that while her sequence and timing is abnormal, she is perfectly fine! Although at this rate, she may still be gumming her food when she’s five....

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