A Disney Style Downpour

Just a heads up, I'm taking a break from Stories in my Pocket this Saturday.  My brain is a bit crowded right now with the issues of present day, so I'm going to put off my stroll down memory lane until next week.

So how 'bout a Disney story instead?  

First let me say that when we planned a Florida vacation, we had no intention of stepping within fifty miles of Mickey's house.  We expected to spend our last day of vacation just chillin' with Larry's mom and sisters.  But when Aunt Kristi called us Saturday night to announce she could use her magic powers as a Disney employee to get the entire family into the park for zero dinero, we couldn't resist.

We checked out Sunday morning and hit the road, stopping just outside the fabled theme park to feed the kids and meet up with Grandma, Aunt Kristi and Aunt Betsy.  As we packed up our brood after lunch and headed for the Magic Kingdom, Caed observed, "I see lots of Mickey stuff.  And a roller coaster over there. We must be driving in a really fun place. Is this DISNEY?" 

I dodged the question, "What do you think?"

"Well, you said we were going someplace fun, and Disney is really fun, and I always want to go there... I think it IS DISNEY!!"  From there on out, every word he spoke came out three octaves higher than normal.
It's possible we parked closer to Alabama than to the Magic Kingdom, but after enduring the hazing of the parking shuttle, the monorail and the ticketing line, we were finally initiated as guests at the Happiest Place on Earth.  

And folks, it was hot.  You know it's hot when you rejoice at the sight of a lengthy line for Small World.  Because the line is INSIDE and AIR CONDITIONED.  This might be the point at which I question the Happiest Place on Earth thing I said earlier.  

The highlight of the rides--the one Dani continues to talk about--was the Barn Stormer "roller coaster" in Toon Town. Dani had to stand on her tippy toes to meet the height requirement (a fact this overprotective mom didn't realize until after we were halfway through the line!).  But she and Caed loved it.  When asked about Disney days later, she answered while reenacting the twists and turns, "I went on bower coater. Round and round and tru a tunnel!" 
Four hours and five rides later, we decided it was time to head back.  The storm clouds looming overhead had a bit to do with our hurried departure, as did the look of meltdown on Dani's nap-deprived face. 

We settled ourselves in on the parking shuttle just in time.  For a shower.  Our ten minute ride back to Sleepy 76 might as well have been a walk.  Or a StormCenter broadcast, live, from the scene of the deluge, without the rain gear.  It would have been complete hilarity if I hadn't been worried about the kids getting sick.  I mean, after a long day in the heat with not enough sleep, followed by a downpour in which they were soaked to the bone in 65 degree temps, it's not like they were susceptible or anything....

But in the midst of the drenching chaos, I found my moment of magic. I took Caed's hand and said, "Are you ready?  We're gonna run to the car and splash the WHOLE WAY!"

He squinted through the raindrops hitting his face, giggled and shouted, "Come on!"

We sprinted for thirty seconds, cackling, splashing, the water tickling our cheeks and the puddles enveloping our feet. I think I might have even screamed "Whheeeee!"  We got as lost in that moment as we got wet.  

I soaked in the moment so thoroughly I may never dry out.  Here's hoping...

A special thanks and shout out to Aunt Kristi, Aunt Betsy & Grandma for being our gracious hosts on the Disney adventure!  

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