Here, There & Everywhere (RJ Returns)

I had no idea my superhero alter ego was going to come in so handy. With randomness as her super power, there really is no stopping her (and no shortage of topics she can tackle). So here we go (again):

  • My friend Heather is a big cheese over at Bloggers Annex and she waved her magic wand, and poof, I'm famous! Okay, not even remotely famous, but I was featured. So mosey on over there if you wish.
  • On Friday, my crazy "I'm not ready for Kindergarten!" rant will be featured as part of the Dose of Humor column at 5 Minutes for Parenting. So now there are TWO places on the world wide web that are publishing the crap I write my lovely work. (So now can I call myself famous? Famously delusion, perhaps).
  • It's Children's Book Week and my friend Danielle is hosting a little sale on Barefoot Books, offering a great line of literature that your children (or grandchildren!) will love.
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  • Our Stories in my Pocket series continues on Saturday, so get those posts ready! Thanks so much to you who joined me in our first week! It really was a treat to read your stories. If you intended to join last week, but didn't get a chance, please know you can jump in at any time. And remember, you can recycle an old post or write a new one. Mister Linky should be up by Friday night or Saturday morning. See you then!
In conclusion (comma) I'm getting a bit worried that the "Random" label is becoming one of the most prominent in that little label cloud. If it overtakes the "Caed" and "Dani" labels (hulloh, the REASON for this blog), please promise me you'll stage an intervention and take away my Random Joannedumb cape, you know the one I had made with the big "RJ" on the back? Yeah, you might not want to wait on that intervention idea.

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