Oh, the irony...

I could be wrong, but I don't think this is the response the creators of the Jump Arounds were going for, what with all their musical exhortation to "get up, jump, jump, get down".

And speaking of the creators of the Jump Arounds, I'm thinking incarceration might be appropriate, with a TV of course, where nothing but the Jump Arounds shows for hours on end.
I figure that would be an appropriate way to address the problem, much easier than taking responsibility as the lame-o parent who actually exposed my child to what might rival Barney as the most frightfully annoying kid's show EVER.

I'll chalk it up to 15 minute lapse in judgment, which is a pretty long lapse, considering the music I had to endure in the background.

So, for the sake of our ears and our sanity, tell me, what kids' shows do you think must be avoided at all costs?

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