Flashback Friday: Siblings

My mom tells me this photo was captured during one of our traditional Christmas plays. The matching dresses do smack of Christmas Eve attire. But I've got to be honest. I just don't see Miss Piggy stooping to the role of barn pig.
That said, I do like the idea of a red head in the nativity. It's about time people of hair color got some face time at the manger. (As you can see, Raggedy Ann and I were pretty tight. We red heads have to stick together.)

My little brother isn't pictured, and my guess is that's because he was (a) not born yet, or (b) being forced to play the role of baby Jesus in the grand finale. (Mom, do you know? I have no idea how old we really are in these pictures.)

And also, because I'm slightly obsessed with tying everything back to MY CHILDREN, I need to point out that this is the first picture I've seen of myself that reminds me very much of my Caed. Not so much in the face, but in the facial expression. It's the coolest thing to finally see a piece of me in my son--the one who has been his Daddy's doppleganger since day one.

Now it's your turn!
1) The prompt this week was SIBLINGS, but you can write about whatever suits your fancy, so long as the subject is in the rear view mirror.
2) Use the Mcklinky below to paste in the permanent link to your Flashback Friday post. (Make sure it's the link to your Flashback Friday post and not your home page).
3) Next week's prompt is LOVE (sweet love). I know, totally original, huh. Whatever. It will be Valentine's weekend. Who am I to fight that kind of current?

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