Snoozing, Literally

"Dani, you better not be falling asleep on your Mommy!" I belted toward the backseat in the perkiest, silliest voice I could muster.

"I not fallin' as'eep on you. I fallin' as'eep on my car seat," her dazed little voice answered.

"Well, don't do that either, mkay?"

Around here, we take snoozing very seriously literally.


So, just a reminder to any of you out there who might have fallen asleep on me, Flashback Friday is ON for this coming Friday. The prompt this week is LOVE, but you don't need to stick to the theme. You can write about anything that suits your fancy as long as you take us back (at least a little bit) in time. Also, you're welcome to link up a favorite from your archives. Just update it, if you don't mind, to include a link back here.

Now, feel free to hit snooze again, but make sure you wake up in time to join us on Friday!

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