Once a Mommy, Always a Mommy

"When you grow up to be a Daddy, how do you get a Mommy?" Caed asked.

"Hon, I'm always gonna be your Mommy. You don't get a new one when you grow up."

"No, no, like Daddy has you, Mom. How do you get a Mommy like that?"

(Insert temptation to break out into Jesse's Girl...Where can I find a woman like that?)

And so I explained:

"Someday (when you are MUCH MUCH older),
You might meet a girl you like, and fall in love,
And decide together to be best friends forever.
And after you get married, maybe many years or just months later,
You might be blessed with a baby.
And when you are,
You become a Daddy,
And she becomes a Mommy."

"And did you know, Bud, that Daddy wasn't even a Daddy and Mommy wasn't even a Mommy until YOU came along?"

Caed laughed. "Oh man, that's weird, Mommy, because I thought you were always just a Mommy."

Yeah, sometimes it seems that way to me too, Bud.

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