He's Fairy Skeptical

Before my first sip of coffee this morning, Caed began the interrogation.

"Have you heard of the tooth fairy, Mom? Hunter said it's real."

"Yes, I've heard about her." I replied. "In fact, I think she put a quarter under my pillow whenever I lost a tooth as a little girl."

"But how can she be real, if she's a fairy? Because fairies aren't real, just like fairy tales aren't for real, right?"

"Ummm...uhhh...well, maybe she's an exception. So, do you want some grapefruit for breakfast?"

"I think my tooth might be a little bit wiggly now. Once I lose my tooth, then we can get to the bottom of this."

Look out, dear Tooth Fairy. My five year old is onto you. And Santa? You might want to watch your back. Because you're probably next.

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