Because Running Is a Good Way to Stay Warm

I'll spare you the dramatics this time and simply say, "I went for a run.  It was awesome."

Today I tackled the first road race of the season with Kate, my friend and fellow runner.  Neither of us were really "feeling it" this morning, but we managed to keep up a respectable pace in the 5K, no thanks to the wind, cold, and a defective Shuffle.  

Okay, it wasn't really defective. It just ran out of juice halfway through the race.  So I guess that makes the person in charge of charging it the defective one.  

I was tempted to run out of battery power myself, especially when my music stopped blaring, but thankfully I was running next to the Energizer Bunny.  So she shouted a little All the Single Ladies for me, and we "oh oh ohhed" our way up the hill.  
I even passed a few people, including an elderly couple, who, let me just tell you, were motoring like you wouldn't believe.  Seriously, this was the kind of motoring that the 75+ crowd typically only do in an RV.  I was proud of them.  And proud of me too, for passing them.  

So if you care to see more photos of the lovely event, check out Kate's place.  She and Ryan have a wicked sweet camera now, and they captured some nice shots.  Yet somehow I don't look like the glamourous Sporty Spice I fancied myself to be as I passed Granny & Grampy.  Oh well, must be a defective camera....

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