I admit I'm not much of a photographer.

I'm especially not a portrait photographer.
And I'm really truly not a children's portrait photographer.

Because what was supposed to be sweet little Easter pictures of the cousins (L to R: Glory, Sheridan, Caed, Grace) turned out looking like a strange interpretation of the Macarena:

Or maybe this could be a "He is Risen!" proclamation? Yep, let's go with that one.

Hey Robin, you there? Hi!! I miss you already. And yes, all you need to know is two parts sweet and sour, two parts tequila, one part triple sec. You're totally welcome.

And because blogging is the sincerest form of randomness, I can unapologetically share some left field stuff my sis and I found laughable:

1) What we'd like to know is, when did a pregnancy test become an impulse item? Dollar Store Display People, you crack us up.

2) Robs and I ran out to do a few errands without the kids (Uncle Stym, you are a saint!), and we stopped first at the pharmacy. They had this foaming antibacterial sanitizer by the counter, and we both thought, hmm, this is nice. Robin put some on, and then came my turn. I pushed the pump down, and it projected foam in a line drive right onto my face. I'm not kidding. I was literally foaming at the mouth. Robin was too busy laughing at me to take a picture. And I was too busy trying to say, "Can someone find me a tissue" without actually opening my mouth. Considering the anti-ish nature of the stuff, it wasn't as disgusting to taste as it sounded. But it wasn't exactly Easter basket material either.

So if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm back home. It seems Monday disappeared somewhere along the stretches of I-90. So tomorrow will seem like Monday and actually be Tuesday. But the visit with my dear family was worth the drive, the missing Monday and then some.

Over and out.

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