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Friday was all sorts of gorgeous.  We spent the morning wandering the trails at Two Lights and breaking in the newly constructed playground with our play group pals.  

The grown-ups gawked at the look-out points as the preschoolers charged ahead and back, ahead and back, exploring the rocky tips of every trail.  We herded with shouts to "stop" and "stay where you can see us!", and when our voices didn't work, we used our stride.  

The whole out of doors was in a grand old mood.  The sun smiled like it was the last day of school, and the wind had a field day with the spraying surf.  The jagged rocks, too mature to lose themselves in whimsy, remained seated as grave and beautiful spectators among the youthful sport of spring.

The blue and the warmth came back to me like old friends, picking up where they left off, as if they were never gone.  And how could I hold a grudge against these two, no matter how long they abandoned me in the gray and tiresome winter?  They were back and that was what mattered.  We have a lot of catching up to do, I whispered, lest my human friends hear and worry that their weird friend was again talking to herself. 

As we made our way home from what was surely the best play group thus far this year, I asked Caed to tell me his favorite part.  Was it seeing the ocean?  Was it exploring the trails?  Was it swinging?  Sliding? Climbing?  Running with his friends?  

His answer:  
"Eating goldfish."

Yesterday it rained, and today it continues.  That's the bad news.
The good news is, we're totally stocked up on goldfish crackers.  So it's bound to be another gorgeous day.  Or, at a minimum, a yummy snack time.


So think back with me to Friday.  Do you remember back that far?  I know, it's tough.  Ok, just think back as far as you can, and stop.  Now tell me, what was your favorite part?  

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