A Summery Look

This afternoon I started obsessing about changing my Blogger format.  I then preceded to waste spend a whole stinkin' hour messing with it.  I wanted something a little less busy, with a more summery feel.  

(On a side note, I'm appalled that spell check recognizes the word "summery" and "springy" and "wintery" but not "autumny".  That's seasonal discrimination if I ever saw it.)

Mind you, this blog overhaul activity was not remotely on my To Do list, so apparently HTML is quite compatible with procrastination.  (Dear laundry, I promise to put you away before the next clean load comes in, but keep in mind, that might be awhile.)

I tried without success to change fonts and formatting in my header, because frankly, Times New Roman doesn't do it for me.  Not to mention it isn't the slightest bit summery.  Stuffy, yes.  Summery, no.  

So what do you all think?  Should I have just left well enough alone?  Or is the new way fine by you?  More importantly, is it beach weather yet?  Because yes, I've got SUMMER ON THE BRAIN.  And now, thanks to my coding genius and prefabricated templates, it's on the blog too. 

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