When life hands you freakishly heavy med school books

There's only one thing to do.... 


Dear Molecular Biology of the Cell, 3rd Edition, you've been judged by your cover (and contents) more than any other.  You've endured the scorn of many a medical student.  No doubt your life in print hasn't been easy.  But today?  Today was your moment to shine.  And shine you did, as the anchor to the bestest ever flimsy fortress. 

And do tell me, what is it about forts that makes the heretofore boring old toys turn into magical must-haves?  The kids literally ransacked their rooms to give every last piece of plastic an opportunity to dwell under the shelter of the 500 thread count shingles.
And the magic didn't stop at the toy rejuvenation.  Caed actually requested that he be allowed TO SLEEP in the fort.  Did you hear that?  My child REQUESTED sleeping time.  It's the same as being offered free chocolate, coffee or babysitting.  The answer is always "YES, ARE YOU KIDDING ME, YES!!!!"

Granted, he was hoping to sleep in the fort at night.  But when I offered a nap in the fort instead of quiet time in his room, he totally went for it.  

"Uhh, yes, I'll take a solid hour of total peace and quiet, for two hundred dollars please, Alex."

And I'm sorry, but I can't resist this exhausted cliche:
Medical school books: $700 dollars (Yep, those bad boys aren't cheap.)
King size sheets: $40
A morning of fort building: Free, and super fun times
An afternoon of fort sleeping (a.k.a. peace and quiet): Priceless!

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