"I Do It Myselt!": Images of Independence

"Mr. Fear?  No, I don't believe we've ever met.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go freak my mom out with my sweet balancing moves."
And what she is actually saying in the picture above: "NO HE'P!  GO AWAY MOMMY!"

And then presto-chango, she adorns this cute and cuddly look, her method of choice for manipulating her unwitting subjects. 

And see her pointing her finger, bossing me around, in the picture below?  That is normal. And the next picture where she poses sweetly?  Not normal.  Emphasis on the word "poses".  

And holy stilettos, would you look at those red shoes?  If you're wondering how Sheridan manages to be consistently more fashionable than her mother (not that this is a huge feat or anything), you should know she has her very own fashion benefactor.  Thank you Sayre & Kate!  

(And should anyone like to jump in and become MY fashion benefactor, I would not be too proud to turn you away.  Just so you know.)

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