Worth the Weight

I need a bumper sticker for my bike trailer that reads, "I'd rather be driving."

Don't get me wrong. I love being outdoors. I love riding my bike. I love being with the kids. I just don't love all those things happening at the same time. You know, because 75 pounds of extra weight to pull can be a real drag.
Whether I carried my children in a bike trailer, a stroller, a sling or in the womb, the extra weight was never easy to bear. They beat down my arches. They laid on my nerves. They burdened my back. They slowed me down. Considerably.

But there isn't a minute of that slowed up, weighed down journey that I'd change. Because as I slow, the moments once blurry and hurried now line up in standstill focus.

The feather of a gull, the shell of a crab, the sand on a tippy toe, the gleaming eyes, the glittery palms.

The chasing breath, the squeals of pursuit, the holding of hands.

The confident striding, the sidestepping of seaweed, the striking of a playful pose.
I would have raced by all these moments and more, if I remained the lighter version of me.

I might be further up the road, but I'd be circle spinning lost, were it not for these 75 pounds of precious cargo.

I'm linking up again with Emily from Chatting at the Sky in Tuesdays Unwrapped, where she encourages us to "unwrap the small, secret gift of the everyday. " I can't think of a better way to spend our Tuesdays (or every day for that matter) than on the hunt for an ordinary moment in which to delight!

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