Heart (wait for it) Warming

We have no shortage of heartwarming around here.  In fact, I find myself, the naturally introverted pessimist, frequently smiling the really-truly-can't-hold-it-in smiles (as opposed to the grin-and-bear-it kind).  

The kids recently began engaging each other in imaginative play with the baby dolls.  (I won't go into the baby doll history here, but let's just say, Sheridan's initial behavior was less than nurturing and borderline disturbing).  But this time, it's different.  

They put the baby to sleep in her bed and run down the stairs screaming at me to "BE QUIET!!! Because the BABY IS SWEEEEPING!"  They sing to the baby doll.  They read to the baby doll. They announce when and to what degree the baby is crying, and even provide their best guess as to why:  "Baby cwying wots and wots.  Baby hung'y!  No....Baby tired!"

But my favorite recap of the baby doll's status came from Caed.  And I quote: "We need our blankets, and the baby needs her blankets.  Do you know why we need our blankies, Mom?  Because we don't want to be cold and then get sick, because if we get a fever, how would we take care of the baby?  So we all need to be warm and cuddly with our blankets together."

See what I mean?  Heart (wait for it) Warming.

And in this little clip, they had just finished reading to the very creatively named "pink baby", and are beginning the singing to sleep process.  You'll note my youngest is quite the enthusiastic performer.

So it's quite easy to see why I've nearly outgrown my grumpy pants, isn't it?  They just don't fit anymore.  I find myself wearing a smile instead.  Which suits me and my extraordinarily warmed heart just fine.

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