Fully Dressed

I need to smile more. Really, I do. I know it's bad when my five year old casts eyes in my direction and asks, "Why are you making that mean face, Mom?"

"What face? I'm not making a face!"

"Yes you are. And you don't look happy, like you're gonna get us in trouble."

Seriously, kid. What are you? Little Orphan Annie? When did you become the face police? I'll have you know I'm dressed JUST fine with my so-called mean face. And just so you know, I DID smile earlier in the day. Back before you and your sister went all hard-knock-life over the dinner I slaved to put on your plate.

Ahem. So apparently I should save my lectures about the connection between the countenance and the heart, preferably for a day when I'm a tad less of a hypocrite. But what was my point?

Oh that's right. I need to smile more.

And do you know what never fails to make me smile?

When my Dani girl sings:

She's one month shy of three years old, and lately she's all birthday this and birthday that.
After we talked at length about how long a month is (30 sleeps, 4 weeks...), she began announcing to anyone who inquired that her birthday was going to be in "two minutes." And seeing as I could swear she was born only two days ago, I have to agree with her that this month will pass in two minutes flat.

But I digress. The only point was to tell you that over and over, she makes me smile. And in posting her performance from this evening, I'm testing my theory that maybe her effect is universal.

Sharing this gift of my smile-inducing diva with the lovely group that gathers on Tuesdays to unwrap ordinary little gifts that impact us in extraordinary ways.

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