A Spoonful of Gratitude

Today I felt so very grateful for my children. (I confess I don't always feel this way). They are so very delightful. (I confess they are not always delightful).

And here's the kicker. Well, in this case, Kickers.

"Hey Mom! How do ya like my leg muscle exercises? This is going to help me get ready for playin' real soccer!"

Also, do you know how it warms a mother's heart when her child asks to be buckled in? To the car seat, sitting in the middle of the mudroom? Well.
This impromptu game of "goin' on a twip wid my baby doll" was pure joy, my friends. PURE JOY. Fifteen minutes of strapped-in peace is what it was.


And finally, I just realized this week that the kids have taken after me in that we all have a very strong reaction to peanut butter. Especially when we eat it straight from the spoon.

Is there anything better than peanut butter on a spoon? (Why yes, there is. It's called peanut butter and dark chocolate on a spoon. But we will not be introducing the children to that concept anytime soon. Just because I'm deeply grateful for them doesn't mean I'm in the mood to share my chocolate!)

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