We spent Thanksgiving nestled in a lodge in the Adirondacks with my mom and dad, my siblings and their families. There were 25 of us, including 14 children. I'll pause so you can let that sink in.

If I was the sort of person to use the phrase, "it was a hoot", I'd probably insert that right about here.

I am not sure which contributed more to this feeling that I might explode--the feasting on turkey or the incredible amount of blogworthyness that went unblogged.

It may take a week. Both to fit into my jeans again and to tell the story of Thanksgiving 2009.

But for now I'll just share a few of my favorite people-less photos. Because I'm lazy and these nature shots require less back story.

On Thursday, there was dew.
On Friday there was snow.
I happened upon this pond on Friday, just as it was unearthing its Christmas colors. This little pond does not believe in Black Friday. This little pond celebrates Green, Red and White Friday instead.And here is the view from our Thanksgiving table--just before we sat down. I know, right?? LuuhhKEE!!!

I'm so very full on thanks.

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