After-School Special (As Never Seen on TV)

The sea was angry that day, my friends.

The waves at high tide rolled at roughly twice the height of my children. My guess is the sea kept moving in a simple effort to stay warm. Because the water? B to the triple R. (When I asked Caed to describe how cold the water was, he answered, "A hundred percent?" as if he wasn't sure if he got the math correct. Oh yes, 100% cold. 100% correct.)

But the kids refused to be bullied. Or to stay dry. They bolted into the ocean waving shovels like spears, the signs on their red cheeks reading, Bring it on! And then the surf would knock them to their knees, or splash them to their waste, and they'd giggle their way back to me, knees topped with a sand-seaweed demi-glace.

A true after-school special. As never before seen on TV.

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