Oh No He Never Returned (No He Never Returned)...But We Did. And This is the Recap.

(This ridiculously long title is brought to you by the song "M.T.A.", a tune I carelessly began singing to Dani when we rode the T. It's been stuck in my head for the past three days. Now it's probably in yours. Sorry/You're welcome.)

It's been on the list since we came to Maine; and with another move looming, it was now or never.

So we boarded a train to Boston on Saturday. The kids weren't excited or anything.

First on the docket was the USS Constitution. Once again, not excited at all.

And while I staged a shot to remove all doubt about our tourist status, my two little patriots were already looking to the next thing.

Can't say I blame them. The ice cream was pretty darn good.

This might have been the time when Caed declared that, "Boston is awesome," and put in a request to "live here next."
From the shipyard, we walked the Freedom Trail back into the heart of the city. The kids loved following the red brick. The grown-ups loved how the novelty of a path to follow kept the kids from complaining about walking a mile and a half.

I am tempted to leave out the part where I tried to explain to the children the significance of Paul Revere's ride only to be upstaged by pigeons. Yes, you heard me--pigeons. The kind that let you get just a bit too close and then flap away in a big ruckus. Yeah, those pigeons. Caed and Dani and a random toddler chased them all over the courtyard, garnering smiles from several elderly onlookers and evil bird eyes from the displaced fowl. (Note to self, when a pigeon the size of your neighbor's cat gives your children the stink eye, it's time to leave.)

So a funny thing happens when you get up early, skip a nap, walk a couple miles in the sunshine, and chase sky rodents. You get tired.

Really, really tired.

One day down. Two to go. Tune in tomorrow (or whenever I get around to posting it) for the next installment of our Boston adventure.


Have you ever been to Boston? If you had just one day to spend there, how would you spend it?

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