Boston: Day Two

What, did you think I was done with the family vacay stories? Ha! You wish. We've still got two more days to cover, my friend. TWO. MORE. DAYS. Did I mention I took more than 300 photos? Yeah, so we're gonna need to stretch this one out a bit.

So where was I? Oh yes, Day Two.

We made it to the Science Museum just as the doors opened.
We spent the entire morning at the museum and came back for more after lunch. There was just so much to see and learn for science lovers young and old.

Within a short distance of the museum, we found a playground where we stocked up on fresh air and smiles.
Then we headed back in the direction of the hotel, on foot of course.
We stopped for an early dinner in Beacon Hill, and then wound our way through the Boston Common in all its spring glory, discovering ducklings of both the real life and statue variety.

And just as the sun began to drift downward, casting long swan boat shadows across the pond, Caed found the perfect climbing tree. And of course, because Caed climbed the tree, Dani had to follow suit. And hey, while they are both up there, might as well turn it into a photo op, right?

Quick! Larry--get in there! Everybody say BOSTON!

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