Princess Crazy Eyes

All day and into prime time, I scrubbed toilets and floors and any plans to get outdoors. When Monday calls and tells you to bring your steam mop, you know it can't be good. And it wasn't. There was nothing particularly redeeming about a scramble to get the whole blasted house clean for a Tuesday morning showing.

Luckily I had a helper donned in a frilly princess dress, waving her magic wand, yelling, "Maggot! Maggot! I turn you into a FROG!" (She meant to yell "magic", but her pronunciation fell considerably short.) Yes. I'm going to say it because I can't possibly resist. Cleaning toilets is just ribbeting. (Would you like me to pause for a moment while you unsubscribe?)

Anyway, it wasn't just frogs and ribbets. It was ducks and quacks. And no, vacuuming is not all it's quacked up to be. (And--insert expletive of choice--I ask myself puhlease for the love all who read to stop these awful puns!)

I might have also been turned into a dog for the duration of the dusting.
Until finally, "Maggot, maggot! I turn you back into a mommy!"

Oh thank you, thank you, evil stepsister who dresses in fancy clothes while I scrub the floor princess girl! It's so very good to be myself again. I was wondering, though, if before you put that wand away, you'd mind turning the dog into a housekeeper?


I said there was nothing redeeming about cleaning the entire house on Monday. But maybe I was wrong. Because today (Tuesday), I cashed in on a clean house and 85 degree weather with a visit to the beach. It deserves its very own post, one not peppered with the word "maggot", but I'll leave you with a sneak peek.
Her name is Dani, but you can call her Princess Crazy Eyes.

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