I Wouldn't Trade Them For the Trains Either

It is the first of my most favorite-est mother's day cards ever. And it reads: (with Caed's contributions in bold italics)

My Mom
She's as pretty as a ladybug.
She is 19 years old.
She has green eyes and red hair.
She weighs 411 pounds.*
Her favorite food is chocolate.
I think my mom is funny when she is silly.
But I know she is really angry when Dani has a bad attitude.
I wouldn't trade my mom for the trains.
I love my mom because she is nice.

*In his defense, he meant to write 114, per his teacher's note.

Now for a Dani story. Yesterday at breakfast she announced out of the blue, "I painted a power (flower) pot pink and lellow (yellow) por your present when I was a baby. And den you trew it away."

"What Hon? What are you talking about?" I ask, guilt seeping slowly in as I remember the pot she painted--the one that cracked after a year of holding geraniums.

"I painted a power pot at my old 'chool and you trew it away. And DAT IS RUDE, Mommy. You are RUDE."

Seriously. She remembered a flower pot she painted when she was not even 18 months old? Perhaps only because it rested on the kitchen sill for over a year before I recycled it, but still. How on earth did she remember that?

I am so busted. And rude. But at least Caed still thinks I'm as pretty as a 411 pound ladybug.

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